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Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you tried all the other lead guitar courses but still found them to be lacking in easy to understand, down to earth instruction?
  • Have you played guitar for many years but still don’t feel you’re where you’d like to be when it comes to lead playing and fretboard memorization?
  • Have you always wanted to play in a band but never had the nerve to because your chops just aren’t where they need to be?
  • Are you ready for a breath of fresh air to breathe life into your playing?

Introducing Texas Blues Guitar by Eric Beaty…

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See what some of my satisfied customers are saying:

After buying your Texas Blues Guitar course a number of months ago I have just started the course.  I am very impressed.  After attempting to learn how to play the guitar for the past year I have tried two instructors, two other DVD courses, YouTube, and various online free sites.  No one that I have found can touch the way you teach.  In short time, your course is giving me hope that someday I will be able to play and understand what in the heck I am doing.  Thank you!

Ian Smith


I have been playing guitar off and on for 50 years.  The last two years have been a lot more serious than before since I retired and have more time.  Also as a note I only have three fingers to chord with.  My ring finger on the left hand is a nub and I do not use it for playing.  I have mastered playing with the three fingers and have developed pretty good speed. I have taken lessons over the years and NO ONE has ever taught what I am learning from your course.  I do not read music.  I do understand tab.  I play rhythm and want to play more lead.  Since receiving the Texas Blues Guitar course I have practiced the scales and have progressed very well.

Bob, Arkansas


Eric, I recently ordered and received your excellent Texas Blues Guitar course. I am very much appreciating your teaching method and style. I am a former music teacher and am used to seeing videos made by persons who assume knowledge and expertise on the part of the student. You do a great job of breaking it down into understandable and learnable pieces.”

Jon, Anchorage, AK

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Do these names sound familiar to you?

You’ve probably wondered what sets other players apart from you. Texas Blues Guitar Legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, Freddie King, and the list goes on. These legendary players are privy to a few little secrets of their own which – believe it or not – aren’t that difficult to master. All you need is a reputable source that will help you develop the skills necessary to join the ranks of these legendary players.

Each of the above-mentioned Texas Blues Guitar Legends use various repeatable patterns and signature licks to create they’re own unique signature sound and style. Now, with my brand new course you can learn all the Tips, Tricks, & Techniques that will have you sounding like the Masters while helping you create your own signature sound! During the long hours of preparation and careful consideration, I have come up with a logical, practical, and — most importantly — FUN system that will take the mystery out of playing Texas Blues Guitar!


What it is and Who it’s for:

Texas Blues Guitar is a Multimedia Guitar Instruction Course — available in both DVD and Downloadable formats — designed to teach you the fundamentals of Texas Blues Guitar (also commonly known as “Blues Rock”).  The course is designed to teach you what I’ve learned in my 20+ years experience playing guitar as it relates to Texas Blues Guitar.  I cover everything from:

  • Essential Scales & Practice Methods (Intermediate)
  • 46 Texas Licks with Fully Transcribed Solos (Advanced)
  • Texas Blues Chords and Rhythm Patterns (Beginners)

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Also included:  Some very special Bonus Materials such as:

  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Video:  Dedicated exclusively to teaching you how to Create your very own signature Texas Blues Solos, Licks, and Songs!
  • Practice Video: Instructs you on exactly how to Practice the right way (yes, there is a right way to practice!)
  • 10 Bonus Southern Blues Jam Tracks!
  • 3 Bonus Solos: Transcribed Note for Note!
  • All 46 Red-Hot Texas Licks recorded in Regular Speed, Slowed Down, then back up to Regular Speed with Added Distortion for that Authentic, Blistering Texas Blues tone!

There’s even an extra-special Bonus included as well called the Progress Tracker:

  • Track your progress for each section of the course for faster learning!
  • Helps you commit to your investment in yourself Track forward progress!
  • Gain momentum and motivation:  See your progress in real time in a visual format!

The Complete Course, including Bonuses:

That’s over a $350 Value!!!

With So Much VALUE For Your Investment

Why Not Order Risk-Free Today?

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Plain and simple, for a fraction of the cost of private guitar lessons you can:

  • Receive your copy of Texas Blues Guitar by Eric Beaty and begin your education instantly!
  • Reduce your learning curve tremendously!
  • Learn hours of quality guitar instruction from an experienced teacher and regularly gigging musician at your own pace!
  • Learn Guitar in the comfort of your own home or on the go with your laptop or mobile device!
  • Enjoy reviewing your lessons over and over again via video files!
  • And much more!

If you were to take private lessons with most guitar teachers at $50 an hour, it would end up costing you at least a whopping $350 to receive the same amount of instruction you’ll be receiving with my course — for less than half the investment!

Not to mention the 50+ hours of recording, editing, filming, uploading (you get the picture) it takes to create a project that covers such an immense scope of material with such a small price tag!

Friends, I’ve poured myself into every little detail, every little note, every chart and diagram to make sure I was able to create a product that would not only deliver the goods promised, but make it fun to learn as well.

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